Are you ready for the Christmas season?

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By Monica Courter

The holiday season is quickly approaching, whether you are ready for it or not. I must confess I don’t know that I am. Well, of course I am excited; after all it is the first Christmas as a married couple for my husband and I. We get to shop for the tree, decorate, wrap gifts, and the like. However, now that I am married and no longer living at home it also means that I am to provide a dish for the Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.
Yes, it sounds harmless enough, and I am a good cook so what do I have to worry about right? Well, it isn’t all that easy. Everyone in my family cooks
very well and has already established the dish they take every year. Not only that, but there’s the matter of equally dividing up the time between both families.

We have had to do this before, my husband and I have been together for four years, but now that we are newlyweds I fear our popularity, at least amongst my side, will be elevated to celebrity status. Not only to mention that I have a very large family, everyone is home for the holidays. I have a suspicion that they are either trying to have kids at the same time or out do each other on the sheer number.
Due to the fact that when they play on these great get-togethers it sounds like a wild herd of buffalo stampeding about the house while they make amazingly loud and unusual sounds that can only be heard at said place and time.

I was one of them not so long ago, yet our numbers were much fewer. Back then, Christmas and Thanksgiving were much less hectic for me; they were a
time for eating and gift giving, but what I enjoyed the most was seeing my family. Why should my mind set change so much now? We still do all those things; I’m just a bit older. Maybe I have a lot to learn from my nearly four-year-old sister and pure joy she has for the holidays.

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