Governor Daniels Visits OCU

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By Joe Jackson

The campus was abuzz on the would-be normal day of October 15, 2007. Why, you ask? Mitchell Daniels, the governor of Indiana, just happened to stop by Oakland City University that day.

Actually, a better way to phrase that would be, “a man stopped by OCU, and he just happened to be governor.” Daniels’ visit to Oakland City was apparently just that; no political business took place during his stay. According to Dr. Mike Sandifar, the governor was “looking for a place to kick back without a lot of publicity.” With a population around a mere 2,500, Oakland City fits the criteria perfectly.

While in town, Daniels took a tour of the campus, visited a couple of classrooms, met with about eight or ten principals from the area, then, without further ado, left. His estimated amount of time spent in Oakland City was about four hours.

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