Art in Dunn Gallery

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By Monica Courter

Currently exhibited in The Michael Dunn Gallery are the works of Sheri Sullivan and Jennifer Porter. Although their pieces are very different overall, I feel they compliment each other well. Sullivan uses a variety of bold colors in her work ranging from flat, bright colors in her Pop Art inspired piece “Wish You Were Here” to contrasting hot oranges and reds to the cool blues and greens in “Lessons 2007.” In addition to her use of color, she often uses a nature theme. Many of her pieces have stones covered with beads using a weaving technique called peyote stitch. Pieces like “Layers of Protection” and “Lethal Beauty” do a fine job in achieving the contradicting finished piece she claimed she desired in her Artist
Statement. In contrast, much of Porter’s style is reminiscent of Vermeer’s due to its genre style as seen in her “Todos Los Dias.”

She uses women as her subject in much of her work such as her oriental Geisha pieces in which the woman and her surroundings repeat a delicate tone, for example, the woman’s small frame and thin vines. In contrast, “Moody Girl” is depicted as strong and unpredictable with her warm red-orange and yellow tones against cool, soft blues from which you can feel her ever changing mood. In addition to her framed work, she also uses wood as a form of media in her wonderfully detailed “Mayan Chair.” I find her multicultural and various forms of media (paint, pastel, ink, wood, and metal) keep her pieces different and exciting.

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