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OCU - Indianapolis Academics

Oakland City University Plainfield Center currently offers degrees in:


Associate of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Applied Science in Operations Management

This 2+2 program allows 60 credit hours of an Associate Degree to be applied to a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Accounting                                        Management & Human Resources

Management                                     Management & Accounting

Human Resources

Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA)

36 semester hours

Masters of Science in Strategic Management (MSSM)


30 semester hours


Quality Systems                                 Health Care Systems

Logistics & Product Distribution         Professional Training

Interested in one of our business degrees? Contact Ryan McGuire, Academic Program Coordinator at (317) 838-8172.


Criminal Justice

Associate of Science (Fully on-line program)

Bachelor of Science (Fully on-line program)



Master of Science in Building Level Administration

Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with concentrations in :

Math      English     Biology     History     Business     Spanish     Reading 

Second Language Acquisition (ESL)      Elementary Education   

Master of Science-Sports Science with concentrations in

Science of Applied Exercise       Sports and Facility Management      Sports Education

Educational Specialist (Ed. S.)  (Hybrid delivery)

Educational Doctorate (Ed. D.) with concentrations in: (Hybrid delivery)

Superintendency               Curriculum and Instruction       Organizational Management

Licensure only in Building Level Administration

Curriculum and Instruction Content Only for the purpose of teaching Dual Credit or AP courses

Interested in an education program at OCU? Contact Dr. Karen Bevis by phone at 317-838-8512 or by email at

Education Non-Degree & Certificate Program Application

Education Non-Degree & Certificate Program Information

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