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Internships & Temporary Positions


The Career Services office works with students and employers to create a quality internship program that provides value for both parties.

Several academic programs at OCU require students to complete an internship in their field of study. Students in these programs can work with Career Services to find a worthwhile internship that is designed to best equip them for full-time professional employment. In addition, Career Services maintains strong relationships with community employers to determine their needs for student interns.

Employers: Want to collaborate with Oakland City University Career Services Department to hire an Intern? Internships are mutually beneficial to employers and students in many ways.

  • Interns can complete project work that may be on the backburner.
  • Internships can provide your company with access to high performing students with initiative and a "can do" attitude.
  • An Intern brings fresh, innovative perspectives to an organization.

By hosting an Intern, you’ll provide a student with a rich learning experience. Interns complete tasks that normally consume the time of your full-time staff.

Want to learn more about hosting an intern or developing an internship program?

The OCU Career Services staff is here to make the internship process easy and convenient for businesses and students: Contact us today to learn more and begin the process.

Phone: 812-749-1394 or email:

Students: Click here to view links to websites helpful in the search for an internship.



Evansville Rescue Mission - Internship


The Evansville Rescue Mission is searching for an interested individual that will contribute to the ERM by using their skills, creativity, and passions to help change lives.
If you are interested in the area of compassionate ministries, pastoring and/or teaching, the Evansville Rescue Mission invites you to join us for an internship that will challenge and inspire you. The ERM affords the opportunity of a hands on approach to ministry that is unique, challenging and rewarding. At The Evansville Rescue Mission, our first priority is to serve our clients in a Christ honoring and graceful manner.
We know the value of investing in passionate, talented people who will continue to serve others, living out the Rescue Mission's call, into the future.

          Pastoral Ministries
          Psychology – Specializing in addiction counseling
          Education
          Social Sciences

 Role modeling Christ-like attributes and values through our personal actions, words, and attitudes.
 Maintaining a safe, transparent, and healing environment that is based on grace, truth, love, and encourages trust and authenticity without fear.
 Embracing the accountability process, that leads to self-evaluation personally and for guests and students.
 Teaching and mentoring residents and guests in every opportunity by using Biblical precepts.
 Building healthy, loving and compassionate relationships with guests, residents and staff while establishing healthy and safe boundaries.
 Maintaining a personal lifestyle of integrity, honesty, and responsibility.
 Praying with guests, residents and staff.
 Agreeing in principle and in practice with the statements of Vision, Mission and Values of the Evansville Rescue Mission.

 Preaching/teaching in chapel when needed.
 Assist in teaching program related classes:
(Purpose . Accountability . Christ . Education . Service)
Addiction Recovery Classes
Life Skills
 Administrative / Office Duties - General (as directed by: Executive Director)
 Pastoral Care
 Directing communication to relevant departments regarding events, meetings and other related functions.

Enrich the lives of those we serve, and those who are serving.
Call out and develop each individual's unique passions and skills.
Foster understanding of the diverse needs in our community.
Provide insight into working for a non-profit organization.
Gain an edge in today's competitive job field through hands on experience.
Develop strong skills in communication, cooperation, and persevering service.

Our programming is designed to meet the following needs in residents of the Evansville Rescue Mission:
1.) The need for a life change
2.) To help with recovery from addiction
3.) The need for secure and stable living
4.) The need for increased spirituality and proper ways to study the Bible
5.) To develop a sense of responsibility
6.) To improve various aspects of their lives
7.) To develop a sense of inner peace
8.) To desire to be proud of oneself

Home Address _________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ___________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________State ____________Zip ________________________
Email address ______________________________ Cell Phone _________________________
Highest level of Education? ____________ Last School Attended:________________________
Which church do you currently attend? ______________________________________________
List your last three work experiences:
Employer ______________________________________ Length of Time: _______________
Job Description: _____________________________________________________________________________
Reason for leaving ______________________________________________________________________________
Employer ______________________________________ Length of Time: _______________
Job Description: _____________________________________________________________________________
Reason for leaving ______________________________________________________________________________
Employer ______________________________________ Length of Time: _______________
Job Description: _______________________________________________________________
Reason for leaving: ____________________________________________________________
Please list three references for us:
Pastor’s Name _________________________________________________________________
Church Name __________________________________________________________________
Contact Phone Number _________________________
Church Address ______________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________________ State ___________________
Zip ____________________
Email ______________________________________________
2) Reference from your community ________________________________________________
Professional Position ___________________________________________________________
Relationship to you _____________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone ____________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________ State ______________ Zip ______________
Email ________________________________________________________________________
3) Friend ______________________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________
Cell Phone ____________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________ State ___________ Zip __________________
Email ________________________________________________________________________

Essay Questions
In the following questions please take some time to tell us about yourself. Please feel free to use another sheet of paper or the back of this form.
1. In a few words, describe yourself to us.
2. How would you describe your spiritual journey, faith and relationship to God? How is God at work in your life now?
3. What are your passions in ministry?
4. What is your philosophy of ministry?
Short Answer
1. Describe your perspective of and experience with compassionate ministry?
2. What experience do you have in ministering to a culture different than your own (i.e. homeless population, low‐income families, foreign country, etc)?
3. What are your greatest strengths in ministry? What areas or skills of ministry do you need to improve most?
4. What do you hope to gain from the experience of interning with the Evansville Rescue Mission? And what do you expect to receive from the ERM?
5. Describe an experience where you have had interpersonal conflict, how it was resolved, and what you learned.
6. What other commitments do you have that would require a significant amount of your time during your internship (other work, family commitments, etc.)?
7. Would you have your own transportation or will you have transportation available to you?
8. Would you be interested in living at the Evansville Rescue Mission during your internship?



Accounting Intern - Brake Supply Company, Inc.

Job Responsibilities

  • Scan Accounts Payable Invoices
  • Verify scanned documents
  • Audit Expense Reports
  • Update Fright Expense tracking file
  • Assist Accounting Staff with other duties

We’re looking for a student who’s dependable and has a pleasant personality.  We have a pretty relaxed atmosphere here, and everyone gets along well together. Salary will be $9.50 per hour.  We’d like the student to work at least 15 hours per week, and up to 25 depending upon their class schedule.

Interested applicants may apply by contacting Barry Heichelbech, Accounting Controller at or (812) 452-3839



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