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Internships & Temporary Positions


The Career Services office works with students and employers to create a quality internship program that provides value for both parties.

Several academic programs at OCU require students to complete an internship in their field of study. Students in these programs can work with Career Services to find a worthwhile internship that is designed to best equip them for full-time professional employment. In addition, Career Services maintains strong relationships with community employers to determine their needs for student interns.

Employers: Want to collaborate with Oakland City University Career Services Department to hire an Intern? Internships are mutually beneficial to employers and students in many ways.

  • Interns can complete project work that may be on the backburner.
  • Internships can provide your company with access to high performing students with initiative and a "can do" attitude.
  • An Intern brings fresh, innovative perspectives to an organization.

By hosting an Intern, you’ll provide a student with a rich learning experience. Interns complete tasks that normally consume the time of your full-time staff.

Want to learn more about hosting an intern or developing an internship program?

The OCU Career Services staff is here to make the internship process easy and convenient for businesses and students: Contact us today to learn more and begin the process.

Phone: 812-749-1394 or email:

Students: Click here to view links to websites helpful in the search for an internship.

ICI Career Hub Internship Opportunities

Please visit the ICI Career Hub ( and click on the Career Hub tab to login or visit

GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF NORTHEAST INDIANA, INC. - Online sales (E- Lister), (Job ID =117), Apply By: 11/27/2015 ||| visit:

METAL TECHNOLOGIES - Technical Sales Co-Op, (Job ID =46), Apply By: 12/7/2015 ||| visit:

PATRIOT ENGINEERING & ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. - Construction Technician, (Job ID =51), Apply By: 12/8/2015 ||| visit:

STATE FARM - Insurance and Financial Services Position, (Job ID =50), Apply By: 12/8/2015 ||| visit:

NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL - Financial Representative, (Job ID =48), Apply By: 12/11/2015 ||| visit:

CONGRESSMAN ANDRÉ CARSON - Internship at Congressional Office, (Job ID =45), Apply By: 12/12/2015 ||| visit:

MILLINER & ASSOCIATES, LLC - 2016 Spring Recruiting/ HR Marketing Intern, (Job ID =113), Apply By: 12/13/2015 ||| visit:

BONA VISTA PROGRAMS - Direct Support Professional, (Job ID =82), Apply By: 12/18/2015 ||| visit:

CORTLAND CAPITAL MARKET SERVICES - Cash Reconciliation Specialist/Internship, (Job ID =90), Apply By: 12/27/2015 ||| visit:

TOWNE PARK - Guest Service, (Job ID =106), Apply By: 1/9/2016 ||| visit:

HOLY CROSS CENTRAL SCHOOL - IMPACT AfterSchool Counselor, (Job ID =120), Apply By: 1/15/2016 ||| visit:

US NAVY - Surface Warfare Officer, (Job ID =66), Apply By: 9/30/2016 ||| visit:

US NAVY - Civil Engineer, (Job ID =85), Apply By: 9/30/2016 ||| visit:


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