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Career Service Events

Career Expo

Each Semester, OCU provides a variety of opportunities for students to participate in career-related events both on campus and in the surrounding area. Career fairs provide an excellent opportunity to network and ultimately find full-time positions upon graduation. Career Services hosts individual companies in the area for On-Campus Recruitment days and facilitates the planning for group events designed to bring in a number of companies to one larger event.

Employers: Please click REGISTER to sign up to participate in the Fall and/or Spring Career Fairs.  Fall 2015 Career Fair is Thursday, October 15; Spring 2016 Career Fair is Thursday, March 17.



Regional Teacher Recruitment Fair (TRF)

OCU Education majors can attend the Regional Teacher Recruitment Fair (TRF) at the University of Southern Indiana, held annually in April. In the past, the TRF has been a successful means of attaining a full-time teaching position for graduating seniors and alumni, and presents a tremendous networking opportunity for students at all levels.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
USI Campus - University Center, Carter Hall


Career Services offers a variety of workshops available to students, regardless of his/her major. Workshop topics range from career-related issues to academic and social development. Registration for these events can be done through the Career Services or via the OCU Calendar online.


Upcoming Workshops and Events

Organization Day - Thursday, August 27 - SLC210 and Main Hallway - 9am-1pm

Internship Seminar - Friday, August 28 - SLC210 - 2pm-3pm

Resume Boot Camp/Career Fair Readiness - Thursday, October 1 - SLC210 - 2pm-3pm

Mock Interviews (MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE) - Thursday, October 8 - SLC (Various Locations) - 9am-12pm



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