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History Club

The Oakland City University History Club meets every Thursday at 3:00 P.M. in Dearing Hall, room D3 (also known as "The Kitchen"). Discussion topics include historical and current events, as well as plan many upcoming events and host various activities. 

The History Club is dedicated to breaking the mold of ignorance as its members seek to understand and learn about current social, economic, and environmental issues. Club members believe that through education comes awareness; through awareness comes change; through change we can all have an impact in our world.

The also sponsors various informational programs/ presentations for both the university and the community to promote awareness.

For more information about becoming a Member of the Oakland City University History Club, please contact the OCU History Club at or the sponsor, Dr. Claudine Cutchins at


Human Rights & Awareness Film Festival

Numerous films are shown on various topics involving current issues.

Annual Scrapbooking on Current Events

Each month, members collect newspaper, magazine, and internet clippings on current events.  Members meet to discuss these topics and assemble a scrapbook from these clippings for keepsake and members for the next year.

Constitution Day

The History Club annually tries to promote new ways and ideas to teach fellow students about the United States Constitution.

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