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Womens Soccer

Name: Jamie Goldsberry
Number: 18
Class: Senior
Major: Early Childhood/Business
Hometown: Evansville, Indiana
Previous School: Evansville Bosse High School
Position: Sweeper
Height: 5'6"

Athletic Awards
High school: MVP, Coaches award, sectional MVP, team captain, academic award, state pick game. Cheerleading coaches award, attitude award, vocal award, academic award. Track 800M and 1600M awards. Band Disney award and 2nd chair clarinet.
College: MVP Freshman Award, Academic Award.

Other Honors/Awards
Homecoming queen, prom queen, star power, video broadcasting EVSC, student council leader.

Why OCU?
I chose Oakland City University because it is a Christian college close to home and because I was awarded a soccer scholarship.

After college...
I would like to get a good, successful job.