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Mens Soccer

Pretty image goes here Name: Adam Sell
Number: 15
Class: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Oxford, England
Previous School: King Alfred's
Position: Center Back
Height: 6'1"



Athletic Awards
East Hendred Goal of the Season (2007).

Other Honors/Awards
Oxford United's mascot as a lad.

Why OCU?
Chris Brind got me to come out after a fractured ankle and torn ligaments made me decide on work instead of going to a different school in America the previous summer. Coming here was an easy decision after Chris suggested it.

Soccer, obviously. I have a lot of time for boxing and had a spell at it as a youngster. A more recent hobby I have taken up is keeping Adem (Boozle) Ali in my back pocket. I love a good horse race, especially up the local track. You can't beat the feeling.

After college...
I would love to delve further into a career in coaching. Either that or start the climb on the corporate ladder. Either way, I would love to work in America at some point.