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Mens Soccer

Pretty image goes here Name: Ingvar Judson
Number: 19
Class: Freshman
Major: Human Resources
Hometown: Carnation, Washington
Previous School: Cedracrest High School
Position: Center Back
Height: 5'11"



Athletic Awards
Honorable Mention (2009), 1st-Team and Varsity Captain (2010), Defensive MVP, Varsity Captain, High SChool Athletic Hall of Fame (2011).

Other Honors/Awards

Why OCU?
I chose OCU because of the soccer program. They work extremely hard and have a great coaching staff. They also have been fairly successful in the last couple years.

I love playing soccer, but when I'm not, I enjoy watching movies, playing video games, reading or participating in other athletic activities.

After college...
The thing I want most after college is to become a professional soccer player. I will do everything in my power to achieve this goal and hope to find people who are willing to aid me on my journey.