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The Admissions staff at Oakland City University is ready to begin the admissions process with you. The checklist below shows what you'll need to complete your admissions file with OCU.

Have questions or need help? Contact the Admissions Office at (800) 737-5125.


  1. Complete an OCU application form. Fill Out the Online OCU Admissions Application
  2. Provide a partial high school transcript.

  3. Provide SAT or ACT test scores if under age 21. (A student must have a minimum SAT of 1250 or a minimum ACT of 19.)

  4. Provide your final high school transcript, after graduation from an accredited or approved or commissioned high school. (Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.)

  5. Provide GED score, if applicable. GED graduates must submit an average (mean) score of 450 on the total battery.

  6. Provide an official copy of your college transcript, if applicable.

  7. After an acceptance offer from OCU, pay a confirmation fee (for testing and registration) of $75 by May 31 for fall term or December 14 for spring term.

  8. Send the white copy of the release form to OCU.

  9. Fill out a scholarship application (optional).

Send all items to…

OCU Admissions Office
Oakland City University
138 North Lucretia Street
Oakland City, IN 47660-1038

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