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Textbook Information

Find Textbook Information and Order Textbooks

Students may find textbook information for each course by visiting the University's Virtual Bookstore.

To purchase textbooks:

  1. A student who has a credit on his or her account at the Business Office may wish to use this credit to charge textbooks. (Skip this step if you do not have a credit on your account or if you do not plan on using your financial aid to pay for your text books.)

    • Main Campus students need to visit the Business Office in the Murray Center on the first three days of class to set up a voucher. 
    • Online and AEL students need to call the Business Office for textbook charging instructions.
  2. Take your official class schedule and method of payment to your computer.  (You can print your schedule from the Student Portal.)

    • Current Student 
    • Student Portal  Username:  doejohn  
    • The Student Portal password was set up by the student in the activation process. Use the “Forgot Password? link if you don’t know your password.”
  3. Go to the University’s website and shop.

    • Bookstore (on left)
    • Textbooks
    • Buy Textbooks—You’ll have up to four choices:
      • Buy new
      • Buy used
      • Rent
      • e-book

If you would like your books to be delivered to the campus, use this address: 

Your Name
Oakland City University
138 N. Lucretia Street
Oakland City, IN 47660

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