Doctor of Education - Option III Organizational Management

The Doctor of Education - Option III Organization Management program is designed to meet the needs of leaders who are designated to make decisions, who are responsible for policy decisions, and who are already employed as educational leaders or business leaders.  The Doctor of Education - Organizational Management is a specialized terminal degree that requires students to engage in a rigorous process of research, inquiry, application, and site-based practice. The degree also requires the successful completion of leadership coursework, an extensive internship, involving an action research project, a cultural diversity project, and a capstone paper/project.  This degree program’s emphasis is on Organizational Leadership in an educational and/or business setting.

The doctoral program is a minimum of 66 credit hours, excluding a required 30 credit hour Master’s degree. Additional credit may be given for other graduate level work. Approval of the Graduate Council is required for exceptions to this policy.

The Foundational Studies phase introduces students to the foundations in educational leadership. This phase requires that each student complete a minimum of six credit hours. 

            LDR 705 Foundations of Leadership

            LDR 710 Leadership Theory, Practices and Principles

The Inquiry Studies phase (research component) focuses students on quantitative and qualitative research components essential to conduct research. Students are required to prove competence in this phase before being admitted into candidacy. A minimum of twelve credit hours of study is required. 

            LDR 640 Methods of Inquiry I (Quantitative Research)

            LDR 645 Methods of Inquiry II (Qualitative Research)

            LDR 745 Applied Analysis

            LDR 810 Doctoral Dissertation Research and Design (Chapter 2)

The Specialization phase was designed after careful consideration of the needs of leaders across three options of study. It requires students to have a thorough understanding of leadership and its various aspects within the community. This is a 33 credit hour in

           LDR 726 CEO

           LDR 730 Personnel Evaluation & Administration

           LDR 750 Internship & Seminar I*

           LDR 751 Internship & Seminar II*

           LDR 752 Internship & Seminar III*

           LDR 755 Cultural Dynamics and Organizational Management

           LDR 770 Facility Planning and Usage

           LDR 775 Current Issues in Organizational Management

           LDR 790 Leadership Ethics

           LDR 800 Leader’s Role in Organizational Dynamics

           MGT 720 Corporate Financial Theory

            LDR 815 Comprehensive Exam  (No Credit Hours - No Fee)

The Culminating Experience phase focuses on the dissertation. The student must follow guidelines provided by his or her committee and the graduate program. There will be a minimum of 15 credits hours in this phase. These courses are:

          LDR 820A      Dissertation Research – Chapter 1

          LDR 820B      Dissertation Research – Chapter 3

          LDR 820C      Dissertation Research – Chapter 4

          LDR 820D      Dissertation Research – Chapter 5

          LDR 820E      Dissertation Research – Defense

          LDR 830 **    Advanced Research ( If Needed)

* Key Assessment Course       

** NOTE:  In order to defend a dissertation or have a faculty member assist with your dissertation, a student must be enrolled with the University.  This course will enable a student to register if all dissertation courses are complete and the candidate continues to work and/or is preparing to defend.  LDR 830 can be taken more than once.

Download the Dissertation Manual   Institutional Research Board (IRB) Process - Link

DOCTORATE Programs Admissions Requirement

The admission process for the Doctor of Education in Leadership degrees is designed to admit the highest quality professional educators and business leaders who desire to contribute to their respective fields of work. Applicants to the specialist or doctoral programs must produce a comprehensive Admissions Portfolio, including both qualitative and quantitative measures, which is used to assess personal characteristics, academic skills, communication skills, and leadership ability.

The admission portfolio must contain the following items:

  1. Completed Application Form;
  2. Completed  Concentration Declaration
  3. Documentation and description of a record of a minimum of two (2) years of successful administrative experience in education, or management;
  4. Provide two (2) character references.
  5. A letter of reference from a supervisor or other person familiar with the applicant’s academic ability and professional performance (specific examples of leadership ability and problem-solving skills should be cited);
  6. A current resume that includes work experience, educational background, professional experience, professional activities, honors received, professional publications or presentations, community service, and other relevant information relating to the applicant’s leadership background;
  7. A thesis or major research paper, minimum at master’s level, for review that demonstrates the applicant’s professional writing ability at the graduate level;
  8. Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions of study

Admission Checklist 

  • Completed Application and Application Fee of $40*
  • Completed Concentration Declaration
  • Thesis or major paper written at the Master’s Level
  • Current Resume
  • Copy of Teaching/Administrative License OR documentation of two years managerial experience
  • Official Transcripts ( All graduate level and undergraduate coursework)
  • Two Character References
  • Supervisor letter of Recommendation

* Submit a $40.00 non-refundable application fee with application portfolio.  Make the check or money order payable to Oakland City University or call the Business Office at 812-749-1382 for debit/credit card payments.

Return the completed portfolio to:  Dr. Nancy Miller, Director, School of Education Graduate Studies, Oakland City University, 138 North Lucretia Street, Oakland City, IN 47660