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Student Teaching

The following criteria are requirements for admission to student teaching:

Complete an OCU Admissions Application Online

  • All university and school admissions requirements met

Online OCU Student Teaching Application (78.9 KB | PDF)

This application may be downloaded and printed, completed digitally and printed, or completed digitally and emailed to Lou Clark at:

  • Application for admission to student teaching completed
  • Student has a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the General Education core
  • Elementary Education candidates have completed Education 213 (Developmental Psychology), and at least three methods courses
  • Secondary Education candidates have completed the following:
    • Education 213 (Developmental Psychology)
    • Education 330 (Middle/Secondary Schools Reading Problems & Remediation)
    • Education 345 (Teaching Strategies in Secondary Content Areas)
    • Education 295 (Differentiated Instruction)
  • Praxis II and other required DPS tests are successfully completed
  • Portfolio defense complete
    Candidates have access to the types of questions that will be addressed in the portfolio defense. If the defense is not successful, the candidate may petition for a second defense by directing a letter of request to the Dean of the School of Education. The Dean of the School of Education will rule on these requests in a timely manner.
  • Interview with faculty committee complete
    The faculty interview team is composed of the Director of Field Experiences, the candidate's faculty advisor, and a current member of the faculty who has experience at the developmental level at which the student will be student teaching. The candidate may request a change in the composition of the faculty interview team. The Dean of the School of Education will rule on these requests in a timely manner.
  • Recommendations by a minimum of two faculty members
  • Minimum of 96 hours completed toward a 128-hour degree program
  • Student teaching completed under Oakland City University supervision (required in order for the student to be recommended by OCU for a teaching license)

School of Education faculty members believe that a candidate must be competent in all areas to begin a successful student teaching experience. Therefore, a candidate is denied admission to student teaching if any of the above conditions are not met.

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