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School of Education

School of Education

Oakland City University has historically been a strong teacher education institution in the state and has provided many of the teachers for schools in the surrounding area.

The instructional staff has had many years of experience in the elementary, Junior High/Middle School, and secondary schools, a prime requisite for approval of a teacher education program by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), Office of Education Licensing and Development (OELD).

In 1988, the Board of Trustees designated the School of Education as the official unit responsible to the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD) for the teacher education programs at Oakland City University. Faculty members holding rank in education, health and physical education, or special education are members of the School of Education. All are voting members of the school. Faculty members in a specific content area are consulted concerning decisions about Secondary Education majors. The Dean is appointed by the Provost.

Mission of the School of Education

The School of Education at OCU is a collaborative learning community dedicated to:

  • Academic knowledge, technological skills, pedagogical proficiency, and lifelong learning
  • The preparation for gainful employment through academic excellence
  • The promotion of Christian ethical and moral values
  • The enhancement of each student practitioner’s intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social development
  • Community service through positive leadership

Teacher Education Information

The School of Education is the officially designated unit for the design, approval, and continuous evaluation and development of teacher education programs at Oakland City University. As a potential professional, the candidate who pursues a teaching license is held to high standards. The candidate’s curriculum is rigorous and demanding.

Teacher Licenses

Oakland City University is accredited by the IDOE, and OELD to offer approved programs in Elementary, Junior High/Middle School/Secondary, and All-Grade Education. Approved program curricula outline four (4) years of work leading to the appropriate degree, are standards based, and are designed to meet the requirements for licensure. Admission to the University does not guarantee admission to a teacher education program, and admission to a teacher education program does not ensure admission to student teaching. Candidates graduating with a bachelor degree and teacher licensure must have a 2.50 grade point average overall and a 2.70 grade point average in the license area major as well as the courses in professional education.