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School of Business

Welcome to Oakland City University's School of Business! A primary objective of the faculty in the School of Business is to guide, mentor, and encourage students so that they gain the capacity to think and act critically. Our degree programs are designed to equip students with the tools to work effectively, and address the challenges encountered in daily life. In addition, the business professional today must be equipped to deal with the business enterprise on a global scale. Working with colleagues in a "team-oriented" environment is a skill which our students learn in our competency-based programs. A variety of degree options and specializations are available.

Professional Accreditation

The School of Business is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). The mission of the IACBE is to promote and recognize excellence in business education in institutions of higher education worldwide, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, through the specialized accreditation of business programs. The vision of the IACBE is to be a leader in mission-driven and outcomes-based programmatic accreditation and to be the business program accrediting body of choice for teaching-oriented institutions of higher education. Accreditation provides value added to your degree program, and is important to employers in business and industry.

You will find programs in the School of Business to be an exciting and challenging academic adventure. You will study with other students who have similar career goals, and your faculty will be experienced and credentialed professionals in the areas they teach. All of this will provide you with the opportunity to gain business management skills, which are requisite to your career success.

We invite you to experience the School of Business!

Please feel free to contact us for more information on program content, and where the programs are available to you. Note that extension centers are located at several locations off-campus, which provides you easy access to coursework and admissions counseling.

Now, take the next step toward your future and contact us!

Program Information

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