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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences offers associate and baccalaureate degrees. Courses in the arts and sciences help students understand themselves and their environments, to perceive relationships among the many kinds of knowledge, and to achieve proficiency in one or more concentrated areas of study relating to the student's career choices. Find out more about the faculty & staff of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Most of the General Studies core courses that are required for all degrees are taught in the School of Arts and Sciences. The General Studies curriculum is designed to prepare students to think logically, communicate clearly, solve problems, clarify values, function within a social institution, use science and technology, and appreciate art.

The School of Arts and Sciences is a learning/teaching community dedicated to OCU's mission: Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development for positive leadership.

The objectives of the School of Arts and Sciences are to…

  • Provide a foundation in the humanities and sciences
  • Provide aesthetic awareness
  • Develop the ability to distinguish between objective and subjective approaches to methods of reasoning
  • Develop an understanding of the uses of modern technology in the arts and sciences
  • Provide a basis for advanced study
  • Provide instruction within the context of a Christian university and a value-centered curriculum

To find out more about the School of Arts and Sciences, a note from the dean or contact Dr. Claudine D. Cutchin, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, at

The School of Arts & Sciences is the home of the Dunn Art Gallery and JLAS (Journal for Liberal Arts & Sciences). You can puruse the JLAS Archives, find out about the JLAS Staff and how to Submit Your Articles.

Degrees in the School of Arts & Sciences

Associate Degrees

Associate of Applied Science

Graphic and Web Page Design

Associate of Art


General Studies

Associate of Science

Criminal Justice






Creative Writing







Social Science

Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Art

Art - Graphic Design, Digital Media, Web Design

Art - Studio, Photography

Communications - focus in Graphic Design

Communications - focus in Journalism

Communications - focus in Public Relations

Communications - focus in Web Design


General Education



Worship Arts

Bachelor of Science

Biology - Biotechnology

Biology - Environmental Biology

Biology - Forensic Science

Biology - Human Biology

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Online Program



Psychology - Specialization in Addictions Counseling

Social Science

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