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Note from the Dean

Welcome to Oakland City University's School of Arts and Sciences.

Whether your interests lie in studying English, the Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Criminal Justice, the Humanities, or Psychology, or you are simply interested in General Studies, our school can meet your needs.

Our faculty is deeply committed to our students, and is pledged to excellence in the classroom. Many of us also engage in research, writing, and professional development, and bring that new knowledge to the classroom. Overall, the school's faculty strives to provide a challenging education, often combining classroom instruction, independent research, and practical experience.

We prepare students for their future careers by providing them with in-depth knowledge of their area of specialty. However, our mission is greater. Our programs are rooted in the liberal arts and designed to provide an understanding of what is most precious in our human heritage. Our school is a place where students and faculty come together not only to learn, but also to debate solutions to our world's many challenges. This is a mission that reaches beyond our own school as we offer most of the courses required in the university's academic core. We wish for all students to become responsible global citizens of the twenty-first century.

With the appropriate practical skills, critical and intellectual thinking abilities, knowledge of the world, and a strong sense of personal ethics and civic responsibility, many of our graduates eventually assume leadership positions in their field – whether they find employment after receiving their degree, or decide to further their studies.

Over the years, the School of Arts and Sciences has played an important part in the history of Oakland City University. Degrees and faculty change over time, but the commitment has remained the same: we are a learning community in which all are invited to learn and contribute, and we are dedicated to developing the minds, hearts, and souls of all our students.

I invite all prospective students to explore the website to find out more about our programs. I also encourage you to contact our faculty members, including myself, or make plans to visit us on our beautiful campus. I hope that you decide to come, learn, and grow with us.

Dr. Claudine D. Cutchin
School of Arts and Sciences

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