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Journal for Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences (JLAS) is an editorial-board-reviewed/peer-reviewed journal which offers a forum for academic discourse regarding theories and issues in the arts, the sciences, and education.

JLAS is published two times each academic year (fall and spring) by Oakland City University. The journal is eclectic in scope. Occasionally, issues will focus on thematic topics, such as labor history, American literature, and mathematics. Readers will find articles ranging from the practical to the theoretical, allowing for a wide breadth of analysis and academic insight.

The journal is available free online, however complimentary print copies are available to authors.

Please direct questions to, or to this address:

Randy Mills, Editor
Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Oakland City University
143 North Lucretia Street
Oakland City, Indiana 47660-1038

Current Issue - Spring 2016

The articles in the Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences  are expressions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the JLAS editorial staff or of Oakland City University.

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