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Spring 2011

Guest Editor’s Comments
Ron Mercer Oakland City University

How New is the New Atheism?
John Haught  Georgetown University *Not available online.

The New Atheism: Or, the Old Enlightenment Revisited
Harry Lee Poe Union University

“Of Course, You Mean ‘Swimming’”: Why Science Cannot Determine Values or Explain Experience
D. Brian Austin Carson-Newman College

The New Atheism: The Roots of the Problem
Mark Gedney Gordon College

Faith Beyond Belief: A Phenomenological Response to Dawkins’s Definition of Faith
Ronald L. Mercer Jr. Oakland City University

Rightly Passing Beyond New Atheism: Continental Connections and Disconnections
B. Keith Putt  Samford University

A Common Table: The Hermeneutics of Atheism and Faith
Dan R. Stiver Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin-Simmons University

Toward a Conspiracy of Doves: Seeking Common Cause with the New Atheism
Jeff B. Pool Berea College

The New Atheism
William R. Connolly University of Evansville

Fall 2010

Editors Comments

Grave Robbing, Virtual Cemeteries, and Participant Observation: Doing Ethnography on the Subculture of Gravers
Stephanie Shanks-Meile Indiana University Northwest
Charles P. Gallmeier Indiana University Northwest

Dale Earnhardt: The Death of an Icon and its Effect Upon Collectibles
David L. Groves Bowling Green State Univ.
Raymond G. Schneider Bowling Green State Univ.

The Altamont Festival – December 6, 1969: The Making of a Myth
Claudine Cutchin Oakland City University

Questioning Masculine Performativity: The Basis of Marital Conflict in Advice Columns: 1965-2004
Susan M. Alexander St. Mary’s College Notre Dame

Tipis, Ponies, and Little Dancing Braves: Imagining Native American Culture through Children’s Coloring Books
Michelle D. Stokely Indiana University Northwest

Overcoming Constraints: Using Commercials in the Classroom
Amy Irby Indiana Univ.-Bloomington
Valerie Chepp University of Maryland

Is the History of Management Thought in Jeopardy?
Steve Dunphy Indiana University Northwest
Constance C. Milbourne United International College, China
David Meyer University of Akron

Summer 2010

The articles in the Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences  are expressions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the JLAS editorial staff or of Oakland City University.

Editor's Comments

Impacts of Implementing Service-Learning Pedagogy in Leisure Studies
Bob Lee,  Bowling Green State Uversity; 
Jane Rosser, Bowling Green State University; 
William Obenour, East Carolina University

The Continuing Challenges of Multicultural Education for 21st Century Social Studies
Tony Sanchez, University of Toledo

Recent Perceptions Regarding Academic Dishonesty
Norm Reynolds, Oakland City University

A Phenomenological Study of High School Students’ Perceptions of Literature
Cort Casey, University of Memphis; 
Jeffrey Byford, University of Memphis

Teaching Civil Rights in the Heart of Dixie

Lindon Ratliff, Mississippi State University-Meridian

Using Classroom Activities to Meet ELCC Standards
Kenneth T. Henson, The Citadel

Self Perceptions of Organization and Administrative Leadership at Oakland City University
David Cousert, Univ. of Southern Indiana;
Laurie Ziliak, Oakland City University

Losing Ryan: A Case Study in the Sympathy Notes of Jeanne White-Ginder
C. Todd Cummings, Indiana State University;
Steve Gruenert, Indiana State University

African-American Males: What’s Going On?! A Research Study
Wendell Rodgers, The Citadel
Stephenie Hewitt, The Citadel

Language Arts Students’ Perceptions of Modeling and Peer Feedback for Writing
Ann Marie Smith, Valdosta State University



The articles in the Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences  are expressions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the JLAS editorial staff or of Oakland City University.

Guest Editor’s Comments
Darrin Sorrells, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

Instructional Methods for Teaching Social Studies: A Survey of What Middle School Students Like and Dislike about Social Studies Instruction
William B. Russell, III, University of Central Florida
Stewart Waters, University of Central Florida

Theological Faculty and the Use of Internet-Based Education: Perceptions and Concerns
Elmer Shelby,Warrick County Schools 
Tony Sanchez, University of Toledo
Judy Lambert, University of Toledo

Influences on a College Student’s Major: A Developmental Perspective
Angela Walmsley, Saint Louis University
Travis Wilson, Saint Louis University
Courtney Morgan, Saint Louis University

Utilizing Cognitive Disequilibrium to Prepare Transformational Leaders
Tod Allen Farmer, Tarleton State University

The Effects of Summer Vacation on Mathematical Knowledge of Rural Students Transitioning from Third to Fourth Grade
Christy Moore, Oakland City University

Assistant Principals in Indiana as Change Leaders: The Need for Professional Development
Solomon Abebe, Taylor University
Larry Lindsey, Indiana Wesleyan University
Mike Bonner, Indiana Wesleyan University
Steve Heck, Indiana Association of School Principals

Implementing a Tutoring Program: Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
Chhanda Islam,  Murray State University

The Importance of Mathematics Teachers Knowing Their Mathematics History
Danielle M. Goodwin, Vincennes University

Vision and Planning: Two Often Ignored Elements in Higher Education
Amy Satterly, Oakland City University

FALL 2009

Guest Editor's Comments

The Present State of Military History: An Interview with John Guilmartin

Randy Mills, Oakland City University

Brian McKnight, Angelo State University

John Klingemann, Angelo State University       

Stephan Duffy, Texas A&M International University  

Mark Clark, University of Virginia’s College at Wise

Roxanne Mills,  Oakland City University

Claudine Cutchin, Oakland City University

Adena Rivas, Frontier Community College

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Recent Revision of Practices in American Religious History
Danny Dunivan, Oakland City University

Renewed in Hope: Recovering Paul’s Hope in the Renewed Creation
James Ware, University of Evansville

Margaret Farley and the Recognition of Truth
Ron Mercer, Oakland City University

Why Bother with the Apostolic Fathers?
Clayton N. Jefford, Saint Meinrad School of Theology

The Faith of a Skeptic: The Enigma of Ecclesiastes
Robert Asa, Oakland City University

The Aesthetic Experience of Humor as a Mystical Inspiration to Political Action
Marty Miller Maddox, Christian Theological Seminary

Bondage and Addiction: Ancient Resources for Understanding Compulsive Attachments
Terry D. Cooper, St. Louis Community College at Meramec

Telling the Truth: The Foundation of Managerial and Ministerial Communication
Darrell W. Hillhouse, Oakland City University

Keeping Your Pastor: An Emerging Challenge
Kristin Stewart, Oakland City University




Editor's Comments

Tak Cheung Chan, Kennesaw State University
Daniel Terry, Kennesaw State University

Harriet Bessette, Kennesaw State University

Tony Sanchez, University of Toledo
Gerard Zam, Ohio Northern University

Judy Lambert, University of Toledo

Charles P. Gallmeier, Indiana University Northwest

Tiffany A. Flowers, University of Iowa

Lamont A. Flowers, Clemson University

Denise Pinnick, Oakland City University

Laura Baylot Casey, University of Memphis
Jeffrey M. Byford, University of Memphis

Jennifer Borek, University of Notre Dame

Milton Ploghoft, Northwest Missouri State University
Max Ruhl, Northwest Missouri State University
Barbara Crossland, Northwest Missouri State University

Tim Wall, Northwest Missouri State University

Devon Schlottman, Oakland City University

Chanda Islam, Murray State University

Amanda Marley, Oakland City University

Sam Wright, Morehead State University

Todd Cummings, Fort Wayne Community Schools

Steve Gruenert, Indiana State University

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FALL 2008

Editors' Comments

Brandy Lain Shillace, Case Western Reserve University

Jason Corner, Ohio State University – Newark

Patricia Hunt, Oakland City University

Chris T. Eckstein, Oakland City University

Tonya Howe, Marymount University

Roxanne Mills, Oakland City University

Anne F. Goiran-Bevelhimer, Adams State College

Timothy Dick, Owensboro C & T College

Carl R. Runyon, Owensboro C & T College

Scooter Pégram, Indiana University Northwest

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Editors' Comments

Rosemary Feurer, Northern Illinois University

Samuel White, University of Missouri

Steve Bottoms, Oakland City University

Vivian Deno, Butler University

Donny Jones, Butler University

John Woods, University of Indianapolis

Randy Mills, Oakland City University

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Francie Christopher, Northwest Missouri State University

Victor Ballestero, Morehead State University

Sam Wright, Morehead State University

Jim Brinson, Ivy Tech Community College

Ben Johnson, Oakland City University

Keunsu Han, East Tennessee State University

Ethan Strigas, Indiana State University

Erin Morrison, University of Indianapolis

Angie Carlen, Indiana State University

Bart McCandless, Indianapolis Public Schools

Camy Weber, Oakland City University

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