Professional Program: Pre-Law

If you are interested in entering law school in the future, there is no best pre-law major and it is actually recommended that your undergraduate course of study avoid narrow specialization in a specific field.  Indeed, your studies should help you gain competence in written and oral expression, acquire a knowledge of history, as well as an understanding of social, political, and economic problems of society. Several of our degrees will help you reach these goals.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies provides an interdisciplinary curriculum with required and restricted elective courses in Art, Business, Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, English and Literature, Government, History, Management, Marketing, Natural Sciences, Religious Studies, and Sociology.  In addition, unrestricted electives can be selected from areas beneficial to someone interested in law school after graduation.

Our Bachelor of Science in History provides a solid foundation in the content and, just as important, enable students to acquire strong research, writing, and communication skills required of any lawyer. As part of the History curriculum and unrestricted electives, students can elect to take courses in Government, Sociology, Psychology, and Criminal Justice.  All these disciplines are relevant to any future law studies, 

Whether you choose Global Studies or History, your adviser will help you select courses most adapted to your future studies.

Admission to law school is competitive and the mere completion of an undergraduate degree does guarantee admission to a law school. Other factors, such as the results of the LSAT (Law Scholastic Aptitude Test) or other similar required tests play an important part. However, completion of a pre-law curriculum such as a BA in Global Studies or a BS in History with an appropriate blend of relevant courses and a high grade point average will certainly put you on the right track.