Are you interested in getting a solid general four-year education in the humanities without choosing a specific major? Are you thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in the future? Then this degree is for you. 

The Bachelor's degree in Humanities is specifically designed to provide an enriching experience for those who may want a good four-year education without having to choose a career pattern prior to pursuing a graduate professional program. This degree prepares a “generalist” who may choose various career options when pursuing graduate work. Graduate work options are many and this degree is also well suited for those interested in entering law school. 

The Humanities core consists of 51 semester hours including 4 sections of 12 hours in Religious Studies/Philosophy, Art/Music, History, and Literature. The capstone course makes up the last 3 hours.

In addition, 37 hours of unrestricted electives allow students to focus in an area of interest or explore other disciplines.

Although only two courses are required within the degree's core--BIB 205 and HIS 103--students may choose from a variety of courses with the assistance of an adviser.