Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice provides a broad background in studies related to law enforcement and criminal justice systems and practices. The program consists of a 75 semester hour core.

Students then select from two options:

  • Option 1 is 18 semester hours in general criminal justice electives; or
  • Option 2 is 18 semester hour concentration in forensic science. 


Why Study Criminal Justice at Oakland City University?

Variety in Criminal Justice Studies

The Criminal Justice Program is designed to produce graduates who can excel in various aspects of the field in leadership, service, research, and innovation. The program offers classes that cover focus on alternatives to corrections, Crime scene investigation, conflict management in corrections, criminal law, criminology, drugs and criminal justice, juvenile justice, victimology, and much more. Criminal Justice students select from two criminal justice concentrations: a Generalist concentration or Forensic Science.

Hands-on Experience

OCU's Criminal Justice majors and minors are exposed to a variety of hands-on experiences in the classroom, as well as being provided the opportunity to participate in field trips and out-of-classroom experiences. The Criminal Justice faculty encourage all of their students to participate in internships in such fields as law enforcement, corrections, and juvenile justice or a research practicum where they can apply theoretical information in the real world. Students are also urged to attend academic conferences and workshops, as well as complete specific training courses offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Rural Domestic Emergency Preparedness Consortium.

Dedication to Academic Excellence

The Criminal Justice curriculum provides students with two concentrations along with a well-rounded education by viewing the study of Criminal Justice in two ways: 1) as scientific in nature and 2) including human interaction and societal reaction.

Faculty and Class Size

The OCU criminal justice faculty hold appropriate academic qualifications in their field of expertise, as well as many years of professional experience in law enforcement or corrections. Most classes range between 10 and 20 students.