Communications: Web Design

The Communications major equips students with strong writing and speaking skills, the ability to understand and use media in a responsible manner, and the choice to concentrate learning in one of four areas: graphics arts, journalism, public relations, and web design. Students may choose from a broad range of electives to round out their major. A major in Communications consists of 48 semester hours. 

Web technology drives nearly every aspect of our lives. It seems as if every person and business has a website, and there are many tools available for easily building a website without any need to learn coding. For that very reason, it is increasingly difficult to stand out above the crowd and create a memorable website that makes a lasting impression. That is why the field of Web Design is growing exponentially.

Students enrolled in the Web Design emphasis will learn how to design and build websites using the most current design practices and will gain an awareness of usability and web accessibility guidelines. Through project-based learning, students emerging from the program will have a portfolio of work demonstrating their skills and abilities.