Communications: Graphic Design

The Communications major equips students with strong writing and speaking skills, the ability to understand and use media in a responsible manner, and the choice to concentrate learning in one of four areas: graphics arts, journalism, public relations, and web design. Students may choose from a broad range of electives to round out their major. A major in Communications consists of 48 semester hours. 

In today’s information-driven world, with many messages vying for our attention, Graphic Design has never been more important. Good design can mean the difference between effective communication and being ignored. Graphic Design is an ever-growing field with many different career options.

Students enrolled in the Graphic Design emphasis will learn the principles and practices of effective visual communication and will be proficient in the use of industry-standard design software and tools. Throughout the coursework, students will also create a portfolio of their work that can then be given to prospective employers or used as the basis of admittance into a graduate program.