Art: Graphic Design

In today’s information-driven world, with many messages vying for our attention, Graphic Design has never been more important and it is an ever-growing field with many different career options. Students enrolled in the Graphic Design emphasis will learn the principles and practices of effective visual communication by using type and image and will be proficient in the use of industry-standard design software and tools. Throughout the coursework, students will also create a portfolio of their work that can then be given to prospective employers or used as the basis of admittance into a graduate program.

The Art major is designed to provide a broad background in a variety of media for those students who plan to pursue careers in graphic design, web design, photography, digital media, or studio by helping them achieve the necessary artistic and/or computer skills to create marketable imagery and for those students who wish to further graduate or professional work in these or related studies.

The student is to complete the required 38 semester hours in Foundational Core courses for the bachelor degree, the 30 semester hours of the Visual Art Core, 24 semester hours of an emphasis, and unrestricted electives for a total of 120 semester hours. Course requirements for the major are: Art 101, 110, 111, 120, 250, 315, 355, 446; and two other courses from Art History 115, 214, or 216.

Required courses in one emphasis may not be substituted for required courses in another emphasis.

For every credit hour in a studio class, two (2) studio contact hours are required. When this requirement is not scheduled, studios will be open and accessible to students. Because of scheduling and the nature of certain studio materials, course times may vary.