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Dr. Michael Burch, Dr. Randy Mills, Dr. Patricia Swails

(2015 )"Perceptions of Administrative Leadership Qualities at a Christian University: A Case Study." (co-authored) Education, 135(4), 399-404.
(2014 )“Molecular Forensics Analysis using Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) - Based Approaches.” Special science/math edition. (co-authored) Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, 18(2), 107-125.
(2014 )"ATMAE Faculty Demographics and Salaries; Trends and Characteristics”Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering Annual Convention, St. Louis, Mo.
(2013 )"The Importance of Social Presence and Retention in Online Courses"(co-authored) Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering, 30(2), 2-8.

Dr. Randy Mills

(2010 )"A Medal of Honor Winner Comes Home" appears as a case study in the textbook An Evolving Nation: The United States since 1945. Thomson Press/Cengage Learning, 148-193.

Dr. Amy Barrett

(2010 )“Vision and Planning: Two Often Ignored Elements in Higher Education.”Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Volume 14, Issue 2.
(2008 )“Embedding General Education Assessment in the Classroom Using Faculty Expertise.” Higher Learning Commission Annual Meeting, Chicago , IL.

Dr. Robert Asa

(2009 )"The Faith of a Skeptic: The Enigma of Ecclesiastes."Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Volume 13, Issue 3.
(2007 )“The Enigma of Ecclesiastes.” Chapman Seminary First Annual Religious Symposium, Oakland City University.
(2006 )“The Masorah As Hermeneutical Grid: A Case Study of Genesis 1:1,” Journal of the Liberal Arts & Sciences, Volume10, Number 5.

Dr. Michael Atkinson, Dr. Randy Mills

(2004 )“Where Should We Place Thee On Glory’s Page?: The Oakland City College Years of Hoosier Physicist Melba Phillips,” Journal for the Liberal Arts & Sciences, Volume 8, Number 3.