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Note from the Dean

Welcome to Chapman Seminary and Chapman School of Religious Studies.

A career serving the church is personally rewarding and intellectually demanding. I encourage your interest in the field.

Our undergraduate programs provide a good foundation in ministerial preparation. The core courses address areas of knowledge and skills directly related to ministry with churches and individuals. Elective courses allow you to follow your interests or explore areas in which you want to grow personally. The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies prepares you to begin your service to Christ's people.

The Master of Divinity degree is the professional degree for clergy. Our program provides learning experiences that mature a minister in thinking, ethics, spirituality, and pastoral performance. This degree has the flexibility to assist those whose career goals are in the area of chaplaincy. Some students go on to do further academic work in light of a desired career in seminaries or universities. Most students follow their callings into pastoral ministries, either as the pastor of a congregation or as minister on the staff of a large congregation.

The Doctor of Ministry degree allows a seasoned minister an opportunity to rethink and refresh, uniting experience with new ideas. A final ministry project concludes the study. The minister develops his or her own vision for a ministry that enhances a particular setting or church, while providing new insights for researchers around the world.

We affirm that God calls men and women to serve the church and fulfill Christ's great commission to spread the gospel to all. The challenge is to use all of one's gifts and talents to bring the gospel anew to the world, and to lead the church to maturity and fullness as faithful disciples who love God and humankind.

I invite you to consider how Chapman Seminary and Chapman School of Religious Studies might assist you in responding to God's call.

Dr. Daniel Dunnivan
Dean of Chapman Seminary

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