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Religious Studies

Chapman School of Religious Studies

The Chapman School of Religious Studies is a learning and teaching community dedicated to OCU's mission.

The Chapman School of Religious Studies is committed to developing the spiritual, moral, and intellectual maturity necessary for effective leadership in the Church. The school has developed a variety of tools, both quantitative and qualitative, to assess the extent to which students are achieving the outcomes of the degrees they are pursuing. The faculty regularly reviews this assessment data to measure the effectiveness of Chapman’s programs and to plan further improvements. Chapman provides ample support to ensure student success.

Chapman offers certificate, associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programs. The three (3)- year certificate program is a non-degree program offered on campus to those who do not wish to pursue a full degree.

The bachelor degree is offered with a major available in Christian Studies with an area of specialization in Christian Education, Christian Missions, Pre-Seminary, Worship Leadership, and Pastoral Specialization. The specializations have a professional orientation, since some of the recipients do not continue studies in seminary or graduate school. The Seminary also provides courses in religion and philosophy required of degree students in the Foundational Core component of general education studies. Students pursuing the programs of study in religion are prepared to enter seminaries and graduate programs in religion. The professional character of the Christian Studies program prepares many students to enter the vocational ministry, the field of Christian education, the mission field, or denominational service.

Mission of the Chapman School of Religious Studies

Conscious of the call of God, honoring our ties to General Baptists, and mindful of the Church universal, the Chapman School of Religious Studies seeks to educate students in the theological, philosophical, and ethical traditions of the Christian faith for informed engagement in society and the Church, and to prepare ministers for further education at the seminary level.

The objectives of the Chapman School of Religious Studies are to:

  • Lead students to an appreciation of their Christian calling.
  • Lead students to an appreciation of the impact of the Bible and Christianity on Western civilization
  • Develop expertise and competence in the theory and practice of ministry.
  • Give special emphasis to preparing people for Christian service in society in general.
  • Stress the preparation of students for particular service with the sponsoring denomination

Learning Outcomes of Chapman School of Religious Studies:

  • Analyze perspectives in light of the intellectual traditions of the church.
  • Model appropriate perspectives and practices for engagement in society and the church.
  • Conduct essential ministry practices.