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Studies by In-House Scholars

Sharing research with peers and outside constituencies is a goal of higher education researchers. Oakland City University is sharing the work of its faculty through its website. Faculty and staff members frequently conduct research which is used internally and not often shared.

To substantively change this culture, OCU is posting the findings of its faculty and staff so others may learn and use these findings. This shared knowledge strengthens not only the researchers but also those who use this research to strengthen their own knowledge and skills at their public school, university, or business. The University Board of Trustees and Administration encourages the use of this sharing to strengthen and improve the global community.

OCU constituencies are encouraged to share their thoughts about any research posted. Comments can be sent to Dr. Amy Satterly.

Contemporary Examinations of Dispositions
by Camy Davis, Ed.D. & Linda Marley, Ph.D.

Ethical Leadership in Schools - Essential to Student Learning
by Christy Moore, Ed.D. & Linda Marley, Ph. D.

Integrated Curriculum and World Connections
by Cathy Drach Gonzales, Ed.D. & Linda Marley, Ph.D.

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