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About Oakland City University

This is an exciting time at Oakland City University. We stand ready to enter into the next decade as a leader in high quality, affordable, Christian education. More than ever before, it is important for us to train Christian leaders with high morals, focused values, and ethical standards. We invite you to view the strategic plan we have developed to reach those goals.

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Download the OCU Strategic Plan

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Mission Statement

Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development for positive leadership.

OCU GraduatesVision Statement

To become a leading faith-based University that provides a Christian learning environment preparing students for service.

Institutional Learning Outcomes


  • Exhibit intellectual excellence that sustains life-long learning (Head)
  • Embrace moral integrity and spiritual development from a Christian perspective (Heart)
  • Embody professional competency in leadership and service for local and global communities (Hands)


Oakland City University has inherited the spirit of freedom and responsibility which was an inescapable part of the Free Church tradition established by General Baptists who succeeded in 1885 in founding a denominational college.

The basic tenets of freedom and responsibility are in evidence today; Oakland City University strives to provide an intellectual, spiritual, and social atmosphere, in which students may share and develop their faith and character through individual awareness.

The development of the skills necessary for purposeful living and productive careers in an ever-changing world is acquired through an exploration of the liberal arts and career-oriented studies firmly established on the love of God and basic concepts of goodness.

Oakland City University is committed to preparing its graduates to face a demanding society with intellectual and practical skills, sensitivity to the needs of one’s fellow man, and a deep commitment to one’s Creator.

In its quest for truth, Oakland City University remains grounded in tradition, therefore realizing its responsibility to the denominational heritage and being ever conscious of its accountability to General Baptists

In the University’s efforts to maintain a keen awareness of the needs of its General Baptist constituency, it practices a Christian perspective, regarding differing viewpoints as a healthy framework through which to seek the truth.


In 1985, Oakland City University celebrated its 100th anniversary as an institution of higher education in the State of Indiana. Significant events have highlighted the College’s contribution to the state and nation.

First efforts to establish what eventually came to be Oakland City College were put forth by the General Association of General Baptists in 1838, and the history of the school has always been connected with this denomination. Nothing tangible, however, was accomplished until after the Civil War. In 1866-1867, Oakland Institute was founded, but insufficient funds resulted in its being closed.

Oakland City College was granted a charter from the State of Indiana in 1885. On a tract of land given by Colonel William Cockrum to serve as a campus, the College was begun. Bricks for the original building were manufactured on the grounds. This structure and a later addition composed the former Administration Building. In 1995, the College changed its name from Oakland City College to Oakland City University.

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