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Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of Oakland City University currently includes the following members:

  • Mr. Jerry Aigner
  • Dr. Ron Black
  • Mr. Bill Blackburn
  • Mrs. Edna Brumfield
  • Mr. W. Harold Calloway
  • Rev. Cecil Cook
  • Dr. Wally Duncan
  • Mrs. Kelly Wilder Hopper
  • Senator Dr. Lindel O. Hume
  • Dr. H. Dean Jaggers
  • Dr. Ora J. Johnson
  • Mrs. Eddi Marie Julian
  • Mr. Gerald McCormick
  • Rev. William G. McMillen
  • Mrs. Brenda Nash
  • Mr. Alan Nass
  • Dr. Holly Dunn Pendleton
  • Mr. Frank Schultheis
  • Rev. Michael Trotter
  • Mrs. Darlene Underwood
  • Dr. Curtis C. Yarbrough
  • Honorary Trustees:
    • Dr. W. F. Provance
    • Dr. Elvis O. Wilson

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