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Graduate and Alumni Surveys

Graduate Survey

The Graduate Survey is administered online to each year’s graduates and measures students’ perceptions of their experience at Oakland City University, ascertains their level of confidence that their course of study prepared them for employment or advanced study, and determines their employment status, future employment and/or educational plans, and, if applicable, their acceptance into an advanced degree program.

Alumni Survey

The Alumni Survey is administered online to all alumni of the University. This survey gathers some basic demographic information, measures the alumni’s perceptions of their experience at Oakland City University, determines their educational and employment status, and ascertains how their educational experiences at Oakland City University prepared them for their employment and/or advanced study.

Assessment Tools

Graduate Survey
Alumni Survey

Graduate Survey Data

2014 - 2015 Graduate Survey

Alumni Survey Data

2015 - 2016 Alumni Survey

Past Graduate and Alumni Surveys

Past Graduate and Alumni surveys were administered together and their data combined into a single report. Links to past reports can be found below.

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