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Approved Research Projects

Approved Institutional Research Projects - Spring 2012

Burch, Michael
Perceptions of Administrative Leadership Qualities: Case Study of a Higher Education Institution
May, Gregory
The Perceived Effect of Peer Mentor Programs and Realistic Job Previews on Employee Turnover and Retention in a Non-Profit Setting
McCool, Lisa 
Development of Moral Reasoning among Undergraduate Business Majors at Oakland City University: An Assessment of Ethics Education
Proctor, Bertha
The Impact of Instructional Teaching Methodologies vs. Students' Preferred Methods for Instruction on Student Outcomes
Shassberger, John
The Effect of Operational Government Environment on DoD Civilian Government Employees
Bailey, Amy
Text vs. Tech
Buxton, Matthew
The Effect of Attendance on Student Achievement
Calhoun, Shayla
Achievement Gaps in the 21st Century

Approved Institutional Research Projects - Spring 2011


Kumar, Abhishek Stages of Faith Research Interview
Smith, Matthew Stages of Faith Research Interview
Atkins, Corey Host and Friendship Program
Clark, Sonja Which Grading System Would be Less Arbitrary: The Tradition-Based Grading System or the Portfolio-Based Grading System?
Cousert, David An Examination of a Psycho-Educational Program to Enhance Parent-Emerging Adult Child Relationships
Dillon, Steve The Effect of Redistricting on Student Academic Performance in Carmel Clay Schools
Fox, Ryann An Analytical Description of Gender Differences in Earned Mathematics Classroom Grades Versus Mathematical Performance on Standardized Testing Among Secondary and Post-Secondary Students
Goins, Greg The Superintendent's Role in Technology Leadership
Horn, Tiffany The Importance of Wellness and Preventable Healthcare at the University Level
Mungle, Thomas The Effect of ExtraCurricular Activities on At-Risk High School Students
Wilson, Ariana Restructuring the Crane Federal Credit Union Leadership Program
Ziliak, Laurie Inpatient Weight Gain of People with Prader-Willi Syndrome
Back, Christina The Effect of Technology on Student Motivation and Engagement
Bailey-Smith, Elizabeth A Case Study of Oral Communication Assessment at Rend Lake College
Baker, Stacy Combining Teaching Strategies for Effective Learning
Blair, Adam The Effects of a Freshmen Academy on Student Achievement
Brandle, Heather The Effect of Special Education Placement on Academic Achievement
Braune, Abby A Comparison of Three Methodologies and How They Relate to Teaching Literature and Mathematics
Brooks, Cassy Exploring Behavior Management Plans for a 3rd Grade Classroom
Canada, Pamela The Effects of Accommodations and Modifications on Classroom versus ISTEP Performance
Colboth, Earl The Effects of RTI on Academic Achievement and Discipline
Colboth, Micah Ann The Effects of Implementation of the CATCH Program at Creal Springs School
Collier, Kenneth The Effect of Graphic Organizers on the Achievement of Students with IEPs in Eight Grade Science
Conney, Melissa Assessing the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution
Coomes, Kari Our Sky and the Kinesthetic Learner
Coomes, Kristie Teaching to Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary Classroom
Crummley, Jennifer The Effects of Positive Behavior Interventions on Students
Davis, Sue Improved Efficiency for Developing a Workload Management System
Ellis, Jennifer The Effects of Departmentalization in the Intermediate Elementary Grades
Gehlhausen, Carla The effectiveness of differentiated teaching on high school Computer Application students
Gonzales, Amanda The Effectiveness of Using Response to Intervention to Increase Reading Levels and Comprehension
Graber, Kelly The Effect of Cooperative Learning in a Secondary Social Studies Class
Guthrie, Rachel The Benefits of Using the DIBELS Data System to Meet the Requirements of the RTI Framework Within a School
Heberer, Courtney Music Education Teaching Methods Explored
Kleeman, Kerri Learning Styles and Teaching Methods
Lang, Kim The Impact of Sensory Stimulation on Mathematics Scores
Lasher, Crystal Effectiveness of Oral Language Development on Early Reading Achievement
Lehman, Sean Technology Integration
Lewis, Brian The Effect of Technology Integration on Student Performance
MacMunn, Shannon Developing a Model for the Structure of an Effective Co-Taught Class
Manship, Nia The Effectiveness of Reading Recovery on Continued Student Achievement
Mitchell, Amanda How Effective Teams With Uniform Discipline Policies Compare to Teams Without
Moser, David The Effects of the Attitudes of High School Athletes on the Classroom
Mueth, Melissa The Effects of Ability Grouping on Reading Comprehension
Musgrave, Brad Barriers for Adult Learners in Higher Education
Ritter, Stacy Is Systematic Vocabulary Instruction Beneficial in Mathematics Classes?
Sears, Nick The Perceived Effective Implementation of SW-PBS
Smith, April Emotional Competence: The Effect of Stress on Academic Success
Steckler, Jared The Effectiveness of Conventional Lecture and Active Learning on Student Apprehension
Vonderwell, Corinna The Effect of Civic Engagement Through Junior Civitan
Wells, Wendy The Impact of Inquiry-Based Science on the Science Learning Community
Burgess, Kevin Helping Project Managers Understand and Solve Project Complexity
Burns, Donald Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and its Effectiveness for Leadership in Multicultural Organizations
Chalkley, Heather How Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Affects the Workplace
David-Wood, Christine Treatment of Reserve Military Members in the Civilian Workforce
Deckard, Gary Effectiveness of Required United States Army Annual Information Assurance Training
Douglas, Misty Generational Differences within the Workplace Ethics
Edison, Raymond Do Pioneer UsPS Customer Complaints Have an Effect on Today's USPS Services in America?
Frey, Megan Improvement of Parts Flow through the Finish Department
Hopf, Brandon A Small Town's Unique Stimulus Package
Jobin, Joseph Military Marketing and Recruitment Outsourcing
Marshall, Jason Introducing Lean Manufacturing into a Utility Environment
Phelps, Jason How introducing office based thyroid ultrasounds in the endocrinology department will increase revenue, as well as increase patient satisfaction
Rickel, Rhonda A Strategic Marketing Plan to Increase Census at St. Mary's Weight Management
Schaefer, Kristi Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009: Economic Impact to Card Issuers and Financial Institutions
Teague, Emily Leading Through an Era of Transition: An Analysis of the Leadership at Gibson Generating Station--Duke Energy
Walker, Rhonda How Generational Differences in the Workplace Affects the Group Dynamics in a Team Environment
Watkins, Desiree Military Leadership--Extending Influence Beyond the Chain of Command at an Organizational Brigade Level
Wheat, Mark Do Managerial Leadership Roles Affect Morale in Mobilized Soldiers?
Williams, Andre Do Long-Term Care Employer-Sponsored Education Initiatives Have a Direct Impact on Nursing Service/Frontline Employee Retention?
Aquino, Alfredo The Impact of the Economic Recession on International Students
Araujo, Fernando How the housing crash and bank mortgages affected OCU students
Barclay, Jane How the Recession of 2008-2010 Affected Consumer Spending in Southern Indiana
Beard, Amy College Students' Working Equals Stress
Boone, Ryan How the Economy has Effected the Public Golf Courses
Calderon, Juan How the recent recession affected attendance of professional sports in Southern Indiana
Cook, Amber Budgeting of Young Adults
Cornelius, Clarissa The Effects of Unemployment on Individuals in Southern Indiana
Davis, Kelsey Should the Qualification Standards and Benefits Be More Strict for Individuals Receiving Welfare
Dossett, Kelsey College Distractions
Ford, Andrew Economic Factor of Cash for Clunkers on the Local Level
Gengelbach, Brandon What It Takes to Have Good Customer Service
Goostree, Ryan Do Educated Pastors Have Bigger Churches
Jean, Kelsey How Has the Recession Put a Financial Burden on the Public Golf Industry
Lecocq, Randa College Students' Perception of Financial Literacy
McGathey, Chad How the Economy Has Effected Leisure Time and Money
Mendoza, Adriana Which method of training do employees in Southern Indiana prefer?
Nossett, Jeffrey Cell Phone Company Competition and Service
Paridaen, Joey Are Computers in the Classroom Beneficial?
Potts, Ashley Which method of work motivation is prefered by employees in a workplace
Riggs, Phillip Behavior and Endorsement Deals
Tauil, Jorge International Students' Plans After Graduating from College in the US
Thornberry, Clayton The Effects of the Obama Health Care Plan on Companies in Western Kentucky
Villamizar, Leonardo The actions that insurance companies must take in order to decrease the deterioration of results due to catastrophic changes because of global warming
Woolsey, Ashley Business Ethics:  Using the Supply Closet for Personal Use


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